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Digital Transformation for Your Voice IVR

Deliver a personalized and digital experience to your voice callers, enabling a better customer experience with improved self-service. Visual IVR transforms your Voice IVR into a digital experience, improving self-service by over 10% based on our implementations at Fortune 500 companies globally. Visual IVR also allows customers to transition from the digital channel to the agent with full context resulting in significantly reduced handle times.


See why leading organizations choose Jacada Visual IVR


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Visual IVR Turns This…

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Voice IVR’s have inherent limitations, and, let’s face it, your customers don’t love them. Endless menu trees, confusing options, poor voice recognition and limited ability to collect information (Just try entering an email address using touchtones…).

...Into This

visual ivr into this 2

A visual version of your voice IVR. Now your customers simply touch their way through your IVR, with the ability to enter complex data and easily go back and choose different options.



And it gets even better… deliver a cross channel experience:

With Visual IVR, you customers can traverse across the different channels while keeping the context of their original intent, enabling seamless continuity from self-service to assisted service. Whether it’s web, mobile or voice engagement, Visual IVR is there when you need it.


See Visual IVR in Action

Visual IVR seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

Imagine touching or clicking your way through the IVR visually, whether on your PC, tablet or your Smartphone, without listening to endless menus or struggling with voice recognition!

Quicker Calls

Callers can provide information to the Visual IVR that your current voice IVR is unable to collect, such as complex alpha numeric data. Because your agents get a rich screen pop displaying all the data, you don’t have to ask your customer to repeat information, guaranteeing a much shorter call!

Visual IVR quicker calls

Collaborative Calls

Calls that originate in the Visual IVR are not only shorter but can also become a collaboration between the Advisor and the customer. As the voice and Visual IVR channels work in parallel – the Advisor can get the full context and intent of the customer. For an even quicker resolution, the Advisor can share relevant documents with the customer during the call, push content such as links, images and documents and if needed, even help the customer fill out a form together. This collaborative experience further reduces AHT, improves FCR and creates a state-of the-art experience every customer is looking for

collaborative call visual ivr
Visual IVR and a quick implementation

…and a quick implementation

Visual IVR can reuse your existing Voice IVR scripts so you can be up and running in days. And for those looking to shorten call times even further, our business friendly authoring environment lets you create new self service flows, using clicks, not code.

Why Visual IVR

Despite the investment in self service portals, speaking avatars and social media, your customers are still calling you. In fact, industry statistics show only around 20% resolve their issue on their own without calling your contact center. Visual IVR implementations are showing adoption in excess of 60 percent! You can’t afford to ignore the trend.

Why use Visual IVR
Visual IVR Why