Here’s an Example of a Fortune 50 Company saving Over $4 MILLION annually… What are you waiting for?

Company background: This company is a Fortune 50 company operating out of the West Coast of the United States. The company has products for both the B2B and B2C markets and is a leading provider for businesses and consumers operating in a mobile and cloud world.

The main challenge they faced: This company set out to resolve a number of challenges across various business units. For their retail stores, the goal was to empower the customer with additional digital channels for an improved self-service experience. Other business units set out to improve self-service for initial product setup, improve help desk authentication and initial triage, and improve authentication and call routing.

Solution: This company searched for a digital engagement solution that could provide traditional voice callers with a digital alternative. After an intensive market search and vendor comparison, they chose Jacada Visual IVR. 

They implemented Visual IVR which provided voice callers the option to pivot into a digital self-service session. Customers could easily resolve their inquiries without speaking to an agent or a store associate.

The solution was first deployed to the retail store which allowed callers to quickly and easily resolve questions on their digital device, including inquiries such as “Where is my order”, scheduling appointments, location searches and inventory. Following the successful rollout to the retail stores, other business units subsequently implemented Visual IVR to improve self-service for initial product setup, improve help desk authentication and initial triage, and improve authentication and call routing.

Speaking to the maturity and robustness of Jacada Visual IVR, the initial deployment was completed in 2 months.

Benefit they received: Of callers given the option to engage digitally through Visual IVR, over 45% of callers chose this new innovative service, and gave it a resounding 99% customer satisfaction rating. Customer effort was reduced by 70% (from 4.20 minutes to 1.20 minutes) and this company realized savings of over $4 million USD annually through the increased adoption of self-service tools.

Primary Results:

  • Self-service increased by 11% (net improvement)
  • 70% reduction in customer effort
  • Happy customers able to help themselves


The argument for Visual IVR over “other” digital initiatives:

First off, the “other” digital self-service initiatives I am referring to include any type of development on a website, mobile app, forums and others of the like. The reason the majority of these digital initiatives fall short really comes down to the point at which you engage with the customer. Sure… your website and mobile app are out there and available but does your customer know that?

Customers generally attempt self-service first and then revert to calling you when they can’t find the information they are looking for. Therein lies the problem… with all the digital information you are putting out to your customers, they often find it difficult or sometimes impossible navigating to the specific information they are seeking at the time they are looking for it (when they need it the most).

Visual IVR’s main benefit is in the ability to route customers to the information/solution/tools they are seeking – when they are looking for it. When a customer can get to what they are seeking – when they are seeking it – they are happy.

"A satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from you, seldom shop around, refer other customers and in general be a superstar advocate for your business."

 ~ Gregory Ciotti

See the product in action and try the demo of Visual IVR.

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