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Telecoms are always contending with high churn rates, channel pivoting, and “spinners” which often place a strain on your customer care group through increased inbound call volume. And at the same time, your performance is being measured on ARPU or customer lifetime value. In addition, new products or services rolled out by Marketing can cause an even more dramatic spike in inbound call volume. It’s not an easy job!

The key to reducing this inbound volume and improving your customer retention is engaging your customers digitally on their channel of choice, whether that’s on your website, your mobile app, or via your IVR (Voice).

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are a key focus for any organization looking to stay competitive. Research shows that on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase and that following a negative customer experience, 58% of Americans will never use that company again.

"You will do anything to avoid talking to me!":

While increasing self-service and reducing customer effort, many organizations are faced with suspicion and accusation by their customers of trying to "save a buck" at customer expense.

Visual IVR addresses this exact challenge. Your customers will be able to pivot away from the traditional phone call and into a rich digital experience that will reduce their overall efforts and keep them happy and loyal.

Visual IVR is a great fit for your channel pivoting strategy:


Your customers will feel empowered. The digital self-service experience will enable them to easily navigate menus and enjoy their products and services without a hitch. The experience will be enriched with features such as picture capture, location services, and alphanumeric data entry. And if they still want to talk to you? No problem! Once the connection is made, the experience becomes even more impactful as a rich screen pop that is visible to the agent, keeping the conversation in context. Links, documents, files, and forms can be shared in real time, enabling an even faster resolution time and complete service experience. The enhanced self-service experience will reduce customer efforts and eliminate IVR frustration. Most likely, customers will be able to resolve the issue on their own. Still, they will not feel abandoned as they can connect with an agent anytime.

The net-net: Customers will increasingly adopt this channel pivoting solution as opposed to viewing it as a call deflection tactic employed by your contact center. Your company can significantly reduce inbound call volume and AHT. A percentage of your phone calls can be converted into lower cost self-service interactions using Visual IVR, while maintaining happy and loyal customers.

View the videos below to learn how Visual IVR addresses telecommunication company pains such as subscriber churn rate and customer retention as it helps increase average revenue per user and overall lifetime value of the customer.


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