Visual IVR for Cisco

Jacada Visual IVR Extends CISCO Customer Voice Portal to Smart Devices

Cisco CVP is a state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system handling millions of calls per year. The only problem is, your customers are looking to interact with your organization digitally on their mobile device, through the convenient touch interface they've come to expect.






Introducing Jacada Visual IVR for Cisco

Visual IVR for Cisco is more than a visual representation of the existing Cisco CVP IVR menu – Visual IVR provides a personalized experience with real time customer information and is easily accessible by customers from any mobile device or website…with or without an App!

Now, your customers quickly touch their way through the Cisco CVP IVR. It’s easy for them to enter complex data or go back and choose different options, ensuring a smooth interaction. Visual IVR is faster and more reliable than speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions.

Jacada Visual IVR for Cisco extends Cisco CVP to more channels than just voice. Whether your customers are calling the IVR directly, engaging you on a website or in a mobile App, Visual IVR for Cisco is there to reduce your customer’s effort, improve self-service and shorten call times. Visual IVR provides a consistent interaction across all your channels or touchpoints.






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Enhance agent productivity with Cisco Finesse Integration!

For customers requesting agent assistance, Visual IVR for Cisco will ensure a seamless transition to the agent. Integrated with Cisco Finesse, the agent will see the path taken by the customer and the data entered in the Visual IVR session enabling a warm and seamless transition to the contact center, with no repeating of information. This improves customer experience and reduces Average Handling Time.





Features that will make your customers happy

Visual Self-Service on Phone Calls – Offer visual self-service options for smartphone callers using mobility capabilities like taking a picture, location services, and alphanumeric data entry using a complete keyboard and the ease of a touch interface

Real-time Collaboration – Enable your agents to exchange rich data and documents with your callers using Visual IVR for Cisco. By exchanging contextual information previously not suited for the phone medium, you can reduce Average Handling Time and Error Rates, drive more customer loyalty, and provide a more accurate diagnosis leading to First Contact Resolution and Next Issue Avoidance

Web & Mobile Customer Service - Seamless integration with your existing web site and mobile apps provides for frictionless customer service that reduces cost to serve without increasing customer effort.
Channel Pivoting – Take a percentage of phone calls and convert them into lower cost self-service interactions using Visual IVR for Cisco, while allowing the customer to connect with an agent at any time.

HTML5 and Native Mobile App – Visual IVR for Cisco does not need a native app installed ensuring higher customer adoption. And for customers who do have an app, Visual IVR is easily integrated, bringing the power of Cisco CVP into the mobile app!

Rapid Visual Script Creation – Extend your Visual IVR scripts even further using an intuitive visual designer to take advantage of capabilities provided by smart devices, such as camera or location based services.


And the best part of all?


Visual IVR for Cisco is certified Compatible on Cisco CVP, and also compatible with UCCX, UCCE, and all major IVR’s, and can be enabled on your customer’s premises in days or weeks. There is no need to rewrite the CVP IVR application meaning you can quickly extend Cisco CVP to the mobile and web channel.

It’s a win-win for you and your customers.



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