Multiple Patents Behind a Unique Visual IVR Product


The unique ability to provide continuity of information to the customer service agent, allowing them to provide assistance “in context”


PatentImage 8995646 Diagram web

  • Determination that agent-assisted service session is needed
  • One or more temporary agent access numbers generated
  • Session produces user session data
  • Communication channel established between user and agent


View Patent 9,008,288System and method for supporting self service and associated agent-assisted service call routing

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  • System determines that customer needs to connect to an Agent
  • System connects to CTI and passes in unique interaction ID
  • CTI System routes to available agent and passes interaction ID
  • System retrieves interaction history from Server using interaction ID
  • Display Full interaction history on Agent Desktop as call comes in


View Patent 8,995,646System and method for identifying a caller via a call connection, and matching the caller to a user session involving the caller