How can I use it?

Visual IVR is being well received by consumers and we’re seeing varied and exciting ways it’s being used. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking about Visual IVR in your industry.

Product Activations

See how companies are using Visual IVR to simplify the activation or registration process for products, software, and warranties. Visual IVR makes activation easy by giving customers a visual and simple activation sequence that is instantly transmitted to the contact center back-end without the need of customer service agent involvement, thus enhancing the customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction. This also results in lower contact center call volume and increased customer satisfaction from a better experience. View the webinar on this use case and see how a Fortune 50 company is benefiting from its use today.


Visual IVR addresses efficiency, regulatory compliance, and an increased positive customer response. A visual IVR can offer a more personalized collection process, provide improved right-party contacts, and less customer frustration.

Cart Abandonment

Visual IVR can reduce the rate of cart abandonment and help close the sale with personalized and contextual live assistance with one click.

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Appointment Reminders

See how companies use Visual IVR in communicating to their customers scheduling and appointment reminders to save companies money by reducing customer no-shows. Appointment reminders, rescheduling, and customer feedback, while reducing administration time and overhead. Thus increasing the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Subscription Renewals

You probably offer an outstanding service, but without subscription renewal reminders, you may find yourself losing customers just because they did not find the time to renew your service. This either causes a surge in inbound call volume, or worse, a loss of an active subscriber. See how Visual IVR proactively addresses your subscriber base through its unique outbound capabilities.

Billing Disputes

Getting charged for the wrong amount or trying to make sense of a confusing bill statement gives customers a bad experience and triggers an inbound call. Visual IVR facilitates the process of disputing billing errors, reducing customer frustration and reducing the associated increase in inbound call volume.

Where is my order

Although you probably offer order status lookup on your website, you most likely still receive plenty of calls asking “Where Is My Order”? The time your agents spend providing this information is time not spent on high value tasks. Learn how Visual IVR can reduce these types of inbound calls.

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Technical Support

Technical problems are difficult to report through the voice IVR. Customers may not know the best way to describe the problem, and are often required to repeat information while their call is escalated to progressive tiers. Learn how Visual IVR overcomes these restrictions

Incident Management

High urgency calls such as reporting power outages and gas leak detection, even trivial ones like incorrect meter readings, may trigger a surge in inbound call volume. See how Visual IVR can help you address this.

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Channel Hopping

Your customers are demanding more ways to talk to you, and they’re using more than one channel to do so. Learn how Visual IVR can help you implement an omni-channel solution.

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