Surprisingly Affordable, Amazingly Profitable.

That’s how we describe Visual IVR.
Or rather, that’s how our customers describe Visual IVR.

With implementations to suit everyone from the local plumber looking for a few more clogged pipes, to the largest of enterprises with millions of customers asking very complex questions, you can rest assured our solution fits into your organization. And your budget.


And if you like thinking in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), you’ll be happy to know a typical Visual IVR ROI is 6 months or less. And we’ll even help you in putting together a business case to show you how you can be driving new top line and finding bottom line savings faster than with pretty much any other customer experience investment.


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So how much does it cost? We’d need some information such as how many agents you have in your contact center (if any), the products they sell or problems they solve, and how many of your customers you’d be supporting with Visual IVR. Armed with that information we can calculate an exact price. With no surprises or hidden fees! And with a ROI that will make your Chief Financial Officer smile.

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Visual IVR vs Speech Recognition

Naturally, we wanted to see how Visual IVR stacked up against an 'old-school' speech recognition solution. So we compared ours to theirs, and the results were dramatic but not surprising. We knew Visual IVR solution would be better!


Visual IVR cost compared to Speech
  Visual IVR A Typical “Speech” Solution
Cost to Implement Typically 1/10th the cost of a speech solution Expensive to implement
Implementation Time Typically 2-3 weeks Measured in months
Return on Investment Typically 1-6 months Years
Customer Adoption Customers love “touch” as a input mechanism Customers are easily frustrated with poor voice recognition, background noise and accent detection. Can be more useful while driving.


We find that Visual IVR can be compared to a typical Speech IVR enablement project as they both solve similar problems, the costs vary based on similar complexities and both show results in the same categories.

We believe in “right sizing” the solution, making sure you never pay more than you need to. Available as a cloud or on-premise footprint, Visual IVR can grow as you grow. Start small and see the value Visual IVR can bring to your customers and your business.

It really is surprisingly affordable, amazingly profitable. And surprisingly cool.


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