Competitive Landscape

 Jacada Visual IVR is the leading mobile engagement platform to deliver a digital experience.

 Key differentiators of Jacada Visual IVR include a true ability for your customers to channel pivot (voice, chat, email, etc.) while retaining and transitioning full context, vendor agnostic support to avoid lock-in, ease of implementation, and time to market. 

Jacada visual ivr competitive landscape


10 Things to Consider when Selecting a Mobile Engagement Platform:

1. Self-Service – Look for a platform that will allow you to provide a digital engagement solution with improved self-service.

2. Channel Pivoting - Ensure your digital engagement solution allows you to channel pivot expensive voice calls into a digital channel.

3. Customer Adoption and Accessibility is Critical - Your digital engagement solution should work with or without a mobile app installed and not force the user to download anything.

4. Collaboration - Look for a digital engagement solution that allows simultaneous voice and digital collaboration.

5. One Graphical Designer for all your Interactions - Look for a digital engagement solution that provides a runtime platform that supports all channels, with a graphical, easy to use, cross channel design environment.

6. Combine Digital and Voice - Channels should no longer operate in silos. Ensure your solution offers seamless continuity from the digital to the voice channel.

7. Channel and Infrastructure Agnostic - Choose a digital engagement solution that is completely channel and infrastructure agnostic so that you can implement best of breed solutions and not have vendor lock-in.

8. Open Integration and Flexibility - Choose a solution that is Developer friendly, open standard and available on-premises or on-cloud.

9. Omnichannel Agent Desktop - Ensure the digital engagement solution is not limited to the customer facing experience and instead offers a full set of agent productivity solutions to complete the omnichannel experience.

10. References - Check references to make sure the solution you select truly delivers call reduction in addition to a complete digital engagement solution.